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Passive Income Blog | Make Multiple Streams of Passive Income Online

Learn How To Build Multiple Streams Of Passive Income Online

Steven Chang

Steven Chang

Passive Income Builder

Welcome to NPI – I created this blog to teach people how to earn multiple streams of (passive) income on the internet. As a busy dad and full-time software engineer, creating passive income online is an extremely important and satisfying part of my life. Passive income online isn’t just an elusive dream. It can be done. I know, because I have done it. You really can put in the work once, and reap the benefit from it over and over, even after you stop working on it.

It does takes a little of know-how, determination, and action. I hope you’ll join me in the journey of creating passive income online together. Make sure you put your name and email below so you’ll be notified of new blog posts.

Case Study: CardioWorkoutVideos.com Sale

About 24 hours ago I registered the domain name CardioWorkoutVideos.com at WholesalerDomains.com, and added a hosting account in my Hostgator VPS account. (Having a VPS account allows me to host as many websites as I want). I got the idea of registering a "video"...

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Consumer vs Producer Mentality

Most of us are consumers. We consume. We watch a lot of tube (TV, Netflix, Cable), listen to a lot of music, buy a lot of crap we don't really need. The only time when we really produce is when we get up our arses and go to work. Then we come back to the comfort of...

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NPI 2019 Relaunch!

Welcome to NetPassiveIncome Reborned!!! I started NPI blog back in 2007 (I had to look this up in archive.org) and so much has happened to me, the state of the internet, and types of passive income opportunities since then! I have SO MUCH to share with you - we truly...

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