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About | Passive Income Blog


Welcome to NetPassiveIncome.com!

Thanks for reading my blog which focuses on earning passive income on the internet.  Just to get things out of the way – not everything I talk about on here will be about passive income.  Sometimes I will give you a specific idea or strategy that, if applied and implemented correctly, will result in more passive income.

The intended audience for this blog is for those of you who are making earned income (ie. an employee for some company, a freelancer, a contractor, or anyone who is self-employed) and want to get started in creating passive income via the internet by means of an internet business or investment.

There are many opportunities in the offline world that offers passive income as well such as real estate and offline businesses, but the primary focus of this blog will still be on creating passive income via online business or investment for the simple reason that the barrier of entry in setting up an internet business or investing in “virtual real estate” is very low compared to offline business/investment.

I will leave you with these random thoughts to start:

1.  Choose your business/investment wisely.
Robert Kiosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book was one that made me realize that even though I was self-employed, I still belong to the left side of the quadrant (aka, a slave).  If you haven’t read the book, get it.  A business is not a business if you find yourself in every position of the org chart.

2.  The quickest way to get rich is to find and model another rich.
Why re-invent the wheel when you don’t have to?

3.  Ideas don’t make a dime, action and implementation does.
Yes, ideas are dimes a dozen.  There are too many talkers and not many doers.  It is the doers who get rich and the talkers who whines about “hey, that was my idea!”

4.  “Wealth does not get past the 3rd generation” – A Chinese Proverb
Douglas R. Andrew talks about this problem in his book Missed Fortune 101.  I often thought to myself, “Yeah, so what if I built a legacy for myself and my children, there is no assurance that my children will appreciate that – they may even lose it!”

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this blog.

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