About 24 hours ago I registered the domain name CardioWorkoutVideos.com at WholesalerDomains.com, and added a hosting account in my Hostgator VPS account. (Having a VPS account allows me to host as many websites as I want).

I got the idea of registering a “video” domain name because I came across a WordPress plugin called VideoNab that will periodically search YouTube (using any keywords you specify) for new videos and curate them onto your blog.

Since I got the developer license (for $99) my thinking is that I can set up a bunch of these “video” type blogs and flip them for profit.

So here’s my cost breakdown:

Domain name: WholesalerDomains ($11/year)
Web hosting: Hostgator VPS ($30/month)
Wordpress Theme: Divi from ElegantThemes ($250 lifetime license)
Wordpress Plugin: VideoNab ($99 developer license)

I have just posted the website for sale on NamePros.com which I frequently visit:


This will be a live case study. We’ll see how this ends. I don’t expect to recoup my initial investment cost from this one sale, but having the developer/lifetime license allows me to build and flip more websites.

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